Transfer Up

A free, efficient service that takes care of your County Court judgments.

We understand time is money, that’s why our free transfer up service is the perfect way to manage your unregulated County Court Judgments that are over £600 and under 6 years old.

It’s quick and simple to instruct our High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce against your debtors and achieve a swift and effective resolution.

What to do

Instructing HCE Group to act on your behalf is easy. The quickest way to instruct us is to complete our online Transfer up form and send us a copy of your sealed County Court Judgment.

Our transfer-up service is free of charge, but you will need to make a payment of £66 for the court fee to obtain the Writ of Control before we can get started. You can either send us a cheque or ring our Transfer Up Team on 0151 236 4751 and pay by Credit/Debit Card.

Alternatively you can contact us via post at:

High Court Enforcement
3rd Floor
27 Lord Street
L2 9SA

Writ of Control

The Writ of Control (formerly known as a Writ of FiFa) is the High Court equivalent of the County Courts Warrant of Execution – although its powers are considerably greater. It provides a command to take control and sell debtor’s goods and chattels to the value of the judgment debt, plus 8% per annum interest and costs.

Don’t let the courts discourage you from taking control of your judgment

Many court users are discouraged from transferring up because they are not familiar with the format of the High Court Writ and how it should be addressed and worded.

If this happens to you don’t worry.

As High Court Enforcement Officers we’re here to help. Because we understand the paper work, we can carry out this service for you or your organisation and manage the timetable for this procedure from start to finish.

For fast and effective enforcement fill in our Transfer up form and we’ll look after the rest.

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