Instruct Us

To instruct us we provide you with the option of completing an online form, securely sent to us, or a downloadable file that you can print off, fill in and return to us by post.

If you have any questions when completing the forms, please call us on 0845 999 666 or email us.

Select the correct form:

  • Judgment enforcement – to enforce a county court judgment to recover money owed under a writ of control
  • Employment tribunal awards – to recover money awarded at an employment tribunal
  • Possession – to remove trespassers or tenants from commercial or residential property
  • Common law eviction – to remove trespassers from land or property under common law
  • Commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) – to recover rent arrears from commercial tenants
  • Commercial forfeiture – to remove tenants from commercial property after non-payment of rent

If you are a solicitor and would like to speak to us about our bulk instruction service, please call us on 0845 999 666.