Evictions – Common Law

We’ll help you swiftly and effectively remove illegal trespassers.

We specialise in the safe removal of trespassers from illegally occupied land throughout England and Wales.

Under Common Law every landowner has the right to remove trespassers from their land or property. We understand that in practice this can be hard for individuals to enforce, that’s why we’re here to help.

Experts in eviction services

We’re experts in eviction services and you can delegate to us your Common Law right to evict. In most cases we’ll serve trespassers with a formal request to leave and this professional approach will recover your property, thus reducing the cost of eviction. If not our professional Enforcement Officers will enter your land and remove them.

What you need to do

To remove illegal trespassers from your property we simply need a formal instruction from you. The easiest way to do this is to fill in our online Action of Trespass Request Form.

Alternatively you can contact our team by phone or post:

Tel: 01792 466771 (Option 2)
Fax: 01792 455 755

Vaughan Thomas House
141 Walter Road

Our service

We’ll assign one of our expert Enforcement Officers to serve the trespassers with a formal request to leave. If this is unsuccessful we will liaise with you to schedule an eviction date.

A risk assessment will be taken and we’ll advise the police of our actions, working with them where necessary. We will attend the premises on the agreed date and complete the eviction by removal of the occupiers and secure the site.

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We make the difference

The key factor in our service is speed. We’ve got a national network of professional Enforcement Officers with the local knowledge to act quickly and take back control of your land or property.

All instructions are given prompt attention and where practical, processed in 24 hours. For urgent enquiries or more information call our Commercial and Eviction Services Team on 01792 466771 (Option 2) to make immediate arrangements.

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