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<b>International Enforcement</b>

International Enforcement

International Enforcement

An international debt collection and enforcement service

HCE Group has a network of partners throughout Europe, to help our clients trace, collect or enforce to recover debts from debtors across international borders.

Martin Leyshon, Group Director, was appointed as Vice President of Connexx in October 2010 and has the drive and ambition to succeed.

HCE Group is the only English and Welsh member of Connexx. Connexx is a collaboration between different European partners who are specialised in collecting and enforcing outstanding debts, in their respective countries, including England and Wales, Scotland, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain.

Through this international network, we are able to manage instructions for a range of debt recovery and enforcement services, including:

  • Pre-sue reports
  • Pre-court debt collection
  • Tracing and Investigation
  • Enforcement

For more information on recovering international debts or initiating enforcement in another jurisdiction contact our team on info@connexxeu.com


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