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<b>Commercial Forfeiture</b>

Commercial Forfeiture


Commercial peaceful re-entry (Forfeiture of lease)

We’ll help you claim back your premises, quickly and efficiently.

It’s your right as a landlord to terminate a tenant’s lease if they breach their rent obligations.

If you hold the lease for a commercial premises our peaceful re-entry and commercial forfeiture service will enforce your right as a landlord to terminate a tenant's lease (the lease must make specific provision to re-enter the premises for a breach of the covenant) if they have breached their rent obligations.

What you need to do

Instructing us to act on your behalf is easy. Check if the lease has a forfeiture of lease clause and the relevant period has elapsed (usually 21 days) then complete our online instruction form and leave the rest to us.

Alternatively you can contact our team by phone or post:
Tel: 01792 466771 (Option 2)
Fax: 01792 455 755
Vaughan Thomas House
141 Walter Road

Our service

Our professional peaceful re-entry and commercial forfeiture service gets results, fast.

Our Commercial and Eviction Services team will liaise with you throughout the process and advise you of an enforcement date.

We’ll prepare all the necessary notices, liaise with the police where appropriate and arrange for a locksmith to accompany our Enforcement Agents to your premises. We can also take an inventory of goods and assets together with photographic evidence, if requested.

For more information on our forfeiture of lease services call 01792 466771 (Option 2) and ask for our Commercial Services Team.

With HCE you’re in safe hands - instruct us online now.

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