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<b>Debtor Tracing</b>

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing

We can help you trace debtors who owe you money

We conduct tracing enquiries for internal purposes in relation to the enforcement and collection of debts and the execution of court orders, warrants and writs. Our debtor tracing services can help you locate individuals who are indebted to you.

We can also help you trace individuals you have other legitimate interests in locating where the processing of data does not prejudice the rights, freedoms or legitimate interests of the individual being traced. This is compatible with the Data Protection Act.

How our debtor tracing service works

In cases where it is appropriate and reasonable, we will profile subjects’ names through databases we have access to.

We are experts in retrieving and analysing information from these sources and it’s the speed of our service that sets us apart.

Depending on the information we obtain from these databases, we may conduct further enquiries based on obtaining telephone numbers and addresses at which we believe the subject may be located.

At the heart of our debtor tracing service is thorough investigation. We leave no stone unturned and don’t simply accept a database listing as confirmation of residence. We collate, cross match and link sources to ensure we have the latest and most accurate information on a subject’s whereabouts.

Additional services

In addition to ‘trace only’ instructions and for our clients’ convenience, we also provide the following total solutions:

Trace and collect: We’ll locate a debtor and recover your debt.
Trace and serve: We’ll locate an individual or company and effect service of legal documents.

For more information on how our debtor tracing services can help call us now on 08450 999 666.

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