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<b>The High Court Enforcement Team</b> <br />that recover more...

The High Court Enforcement Team
that recover more...

Experts in Fast, Effective Enforcement

From judgment enforcement to commercial rent arrears recovery, trust HCE to get you results. 

We’re experts in our field and combine national coverage with local knowledge to provide a range of recovery solutions. 

Directed by the UK’s largest team of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers we’re here to make your life easier and get you or your clients what you’re owed. 

Choose HCE and we'll get the job done

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The Government has announced that as of 1st February 2016, all private Landlords in England will have to check that new Tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out their property. This includes Sub-letting.

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No one thinks they will need to call on their insurance, but many landlords do not have a very important free one in place, information. As the largest independent High Court Enforcement company in the country, when enforcing possession and money judgments, one of the biggest obstacles we face is the lack of information the landlord holds.

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During August and July the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA) undertook an online survey of court users to see whether users wished to see a change to the High Court and County Courts Jurisdiction Order 1991.

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